6 Reasons To Visit The Boma in Victoria Falls

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Boma Dinner And Drum Show

Situated 5-kilometers from the magnificent Victoria Falls is The Boma, a restaurant renowned for giving it’s customers a truly unforgettable African Experience. Below are just a few points on why The Boma is a must, whilst visiting the Falls.



As you enter The Boma, friendly staff eagerly welcome you with customary face-painting and colorful garments, making you feel like a true local ready for a night of entertainment.


Boma Traditional Dancing



As you’re escorted to your table, you’re instantly hit with the warm-heartedness of Zimbabwe, it’s people and it’s smell. Walking through the warmly lit Boma is certainly the unique experience of it all. There’s not one detail left out of place, and you’re overwhelmed with what to look at first, almost as if you’re walking through a food market or village.


There’s a blazing fire in the middle which looks up to the African sky, as the thatched roof is partially open and held up by tall gum poles, marked with tribal patterns. There are different cooking stations situated at various sections of the restaurant, appropriately themed for each delicacy. Indoor trees surround different levels of decked seating areas, laid with hand-made African print tablecloths and tableware. It really does take your breath away.



As you’re seated, your first African experience is a cup of Chibuku [an African beer made out of sorghum and maize] served in an enamel cup [Africa’s version of bone china]. Although The Boma caters for everyone’s tastes, it also specializes in a wide variety of traditional Zimbabwean dishes for the more adventurous foodie.


Boma Traditional Cuisine


• Smoked crocodile tail

• Deep-fried Kapenta [little fish]

• Sadza [thick maize meal served as starch]

• Tender warthog fillet [highly recommended]

• Kudu steak

• Impala kebabs

• Zambezi bream [fish]

• Nyimo beans

• Potjie [stew cooked in a cast iron pot on the fire]

• Guinea Fowl


A Boma is traditionally known as ‘The Place of Eating’ and that’s exactly what you do. The delicious three-course meal is served buffet style, so you’re able to choose your favorite dishes, try a little bit of everything or simply keep going back for more!



After dinner, the real fun begins. Traditionally dressed performers gather around the middle of the restaurant and begin to entertain you with their talented, powerful yet effortless drum show. There’s something truly special about it. It almost leaves you feeling a little emotional as if you’re giving a piece of your heart to Africa right there and then.


Once the show is over, they walk around the restaurant handing every guest a drum and together in unison, they teach you to pound the drum to harmonious beats. The noise can be heard from a few kilometers away, tempting all ears to join in the fun. Your foot will still be tapping to the beat a few days later – guaranteed.



In Zimbabwe, mopane worms are a staple part of the diet in rural areas and are considered a delicacy. They can be eaten dry, as crunchy as potato chips, or cooked and drenched in sauce. Daring to give one a go, The Boma will offer a certificate of proof, in case your friends and family don’t quite believe you.


Boma Mopani Worms



Talented craftsman gather in and around The Boma, tempting guests with their impressive hand-made sculptures as a little reminder of Africa. You’ll be seriously blown away by the craftsmanship that goes into these pieces of art.


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