Chobe National Park Activities

Get up close and personal with the best creatures and creepy crawlies Africa has to offer. Our Chobe National Park Activities has an adventure for every type of safari explorer. For those who are a tad tamer, try a Chobe River Sunset Cruise. Sip on something cool as you watch day turn into night as the spectacular African sky changes colour. A little more adventurous? Try out a Chobe River Fishing Trip where you can try and hook the elusive Tiger Fish.

Chobe National Park Activities For Adventure Seekers

A Chobe Game Drive gets you up close and personal with Africa's Big Five, over 460 bird species and countless other species of animals. Your game ranger will get you just close enough to capture the action on the African savannah from the safety of your large safari vehicle.


A Chobe River Game Cruise is a completely unique way to view African game. Watch from your covered as wildlife converge on the Chobe's banks to quench their thirst. Don't be surprised if you spot a crocodile sunning on the banks and suddenly slip into the water. And be sure to listen out for that iconic African grunt that can only belong to a hippo.


Why not try a different angle on your trip? The infamous Tiger Fish calls the Chobe River home and is quite the challenge for angling adventures. Do we have you hooked on Chobe River Fishing yet?


Chobe National Park Activities For The Tame

If you're lucky enough to be on a Chobe River Sunset Cruise, you'll experience one of the most magical times in Africa. Sunsets in Botswana are magical. Sip on a G&T, discuss tomorrow's plans and take in the picture perfect horizon.


Meet a few villagers during an Impala Island Village Tour and experience a day in the life of a local. Let them teach you a few words in Tswana or show you their daily rituals.


Prepare to see one of the Seven Wonders of the World when you book a Victoria Falls Day Trip. As the world's largest flowing sheet of water, the waterfall is not to be missed. Be sure to pack your raincoat. Mists rise up to 50m into the air leaving tourists soaking wet.