Victoria Falls scenic Experiences

Think about Africa and images of wide open plains filled with wildlife come to mind. Indeed, the Zambezi River draws both big cats and big adventure seekers. We’ve put together a collection of Victoria Falls Activities to tick off your bucket list. So go ahead and pick a few that will make your friends at home green with envy.

Victoria Falls Activities - Extra Wild

So you like a good adrenaline rush do you? One of the most adventurous things to do while on holiday at the Victoria Falls is bungee jumping. The 111-meter drop will give you four seconds to enjoy the view before you reach the bottom of your bungee, and you’re on your way up again. Just remember to bring your passport. The Zambezi River is the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe so you’ll need it when walking onto the bridge which connects the two countries.


Heights not your thing? Then take a walk on the wild side with the next of our Victoria Fall activities. During the interactive lion experience, you’ll enjoy a guided walk with lions through their natural habitat. Take photographs and learn more about their life in the wild and the conservation struggles they face.


Victoria Falls Activities - Extra Mild

Not the adventurous type? Get to know the Big 5 from the safety of a safari vehicle on a game drive. See elephants, rhinos, lions, buffalo and leopards roam the African bush. Remember to tag us in those Facebook posts.
It’s on to the next African experience as you’re introduced to some of the people who call the Victoria Falls home. A visit to an authentic African village will give you a chance to interact with villagers and experience rural life first-hand. Watch them go about their daily lives and see how different life is in Africa.


Our Top Victoria Falls Activities

Victoria Falls River Cruises

One of the best activities in Victoria Falls is a Zambezi River Sunset Cruise. There are many cruising options available in Victoria Falls. The cruise options range from the luxurious Zambezi Explorer Sunset Cruise to the private cruising experience on Kalunda. Breakfast, lunch, sunset and dinner cruises are all available in Victoria Falls.


Victoria Falls Helicopter Flights

Helicopter Flights are a very popular activity in Victoria Falls. Enjoy spectacular flights over the majestic Victoria Falls and up the mighty Zambezi River. This is an activity not to be missed in Victoria Falls. The flights offer a fantastic opportunity to video and photograph the magnificent Victoria Falls from the sky.


Tour Of The Victoria Falls

A tour of the Victoria Falls is a must see activity when in Victoria Falls. Be awestruck at the sheer size of the Falls. Stand in the rainforest and feel the spray of the Falls on your face, as you witness one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, and one of the greatest attractions in Africa. Guided tours of the Falls are available. Hear of the epic journeys by the Victorian Explorers, how their journeys molded the modern boundaries of the nations of the African continent.


Victoria Falls Safari Activities

Experience Africa’s Big Five, visit the famous Chobe National Park for the day to see the world's largest elephant population. Walk with lions or experience an authentic bush game drive through the Zambezi National Park, a genuinely wild, unfenced wilderness area.


White Water Rafting/Adrenaline Activities

If it's adrenaline you're looking for, Victoria Falls is the right place. Adrenaline activities in Victoria Falls range from bungee jumping off the historical bridge, gorge swings, and of course, the world-famous white water rafting, perhaps the most exhilarating activity in Victoria Falls.